Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Syria (Συρία)

One of my students recently left the institute today. He came to say goodbye to me. He was one of the most polite and most hard-working students among the many good people that have passed through our institute. He was never an A-grade student, but he would be the one to get the 'Most Likely to Succeed' award for his year, if we were to hand out such an award.

How do you feel about going back?
Oh, I'm happy, very happy to be seeing my family again.
And is it safe to return home?
Yes, where I live, it is safe.
But don't you fear the journey?
Yes, I am very worried about it, but I know it will be safe once I arrive. 
Once you get into Syria, how will you know when it's safe to travel?
Well, I can travel during the day - nothing will happen then. But the journey is not safe at night. I know there will be gunfire then. So I'll just travel by day.
So... when are you leaving?
Tonight. I leave with the boat.
So soon! Good luck!... I hope we will see you again.
Yes, in two months, I expect to come back. 
Good luck, then, till we see you again... goodbye...
Goodbye, Doctor, I will see you again soon.

He hasn't returned yet, but I believe he will. With so much talk of Syria, he is often on our mind, and we all hope to see him back again soon.

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