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To rent
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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Magic Hania (Τα μαγικά Χανιά)

Ipiros St in Koum Kapi, close to the centre of Hania, still retains its old-world charm. The street runs from a main road in the town to the sea. Its mix of immigrant communities and Greek locals blends well with the boarded up houses standing side by side with the renovated ones.

The lady in black was talking to another lady in black. The motorbike has a bag full of bread hanging off it.

This house is clearly lived in by the house-proud owners.

Basements are often turned into apartments, to accomodate the children's families above. A Greek definitely lives in this one (you can tell from the curtain).

And this one.

The disused electric meters tell us that this house is not being used - but the roadside is...

This was oncε some kind of shop front, attested by the -τοπωλείον ending on the word in the sign (it looks like the original).

Something old, something newer, something derelict...

... and something waiting to be loved.

A close up of the shoe scraper, found on the ground between the door and window.

The street finishes where the cafes of Koum Kapi start...

... overlooking Zorba's hill (where Zorba the Greek was filmed)...

... where the socks-n-Birkenstockers take their pretty photos.

Further down the road, I came across some workers sprucing things up a bit before the height of summer,...

... while the ladies did their shopping at the street market...

... and the idlers sapped up the sunshine.

At the street market, bread and rusks still look like they did a hundred years ago,...

... while tomatos have improved immensely.

I bought one of these baskets from this lady.

I also caught sight of the basket-chair weaver further down the road.

And then I went home and prepared myself some fast food - ότι ήταν έτοιμο...

All photos taken this morning.

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