Friday, 30 May 2014

Geraniums (Γεράνια)

Someone was once asked what their strongest memory of Greece was. Their answer was very simple: geraniums in olive oil (and feta cheese) cans.
Although those cans still exist, I notice that terracotta is replacing them, sometimes also in plastic form. People still use cans for transporting olive oil extensively, and of course they do re-use them. 
Although this may be related to not seeing the cans as much as you see terracotta these days, I think there is another reason why we are seeing more terracotta: it's prettier and tidier, and it's much easier to maintain and keep clean.
Then there is also the natural ground, the balcony terraces, and the renewed interest in stonework and other receptacles found in nature. They too display their own charm. And while commercial businesses don't prefer oil cans, they still love geraniums. 
But the oil can does have a distinctive charm of its own. Private home gardens are still full of them. So I'll take some photos of oil cans another time.

All photos taken in Hania this month.

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