Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekend cooking spree

A week has gone by and I have not updated my blog. I guess I'm busy. Here's what I got up to at the weekend.

There isn't much in the garden at the moment that is actually edible, save the artichokes:

We got our first taste of zucchini, care of friends:

The vine leaves are now at their best - they need to be preserved:

At the same time, what is in the freezer needs to be eaten, to clear the freezer for the new growing season - spanakorizo with a dollop of tzatziki (again, the first we made this year, with the new season's cucumbers):

I also found some octopus, a leftover from my Lent purchases. It was cooked in wine and olive oil; it went well with the spinach rice:

This pumpkin waited a long time on the balcony for me to get to work on it. I wondered what its secret world inside its heart would be like... 

Here's what I found - a whole army of sprouting seeds:

All the pumpkin was chopped and par-boiled, to be frozen and used as mash where needed:

Pumpkin galaktoboureko is a favorite in my family, hence the pumpkin's first use:

Frugla cookinginvolves saving time, not just food. The bag of frozen spinach that I used in the rice was enough for a spanakopita (made with the extra filo pastry from the pumpkin galaktoboureko): 

The cooking spree has ended with a batch of koulourakia, made by my daughter (hence their perfect shape). 

I guess we really were busy.

All this food was cooked at the weekend. Sunday lunch was chicken in wine sauce - that just got eaten up too quickly to be photographed.

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