Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Caryatids - #bringthemback

#bringthemback : "Last Saturday, on the 7th of June 2014, Greece had its moment inside London's British Museum. The Greek Soprano ΣΟΝΙΑ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΙΔΟΥ - SONIA THEODORIDOU together with six caryatids went to meet the one caryatid who is still separated from her sisters. The reception was overwhelming. People who were visiting the museum were moved to tears, and even the security which was hostile at first, joined them in the end."

The mainstream media has still not reported this event. The only English language reports that I have found on it so far are:
The caryatids make their way to the museum.

The caryatids are looking for their lost sister.

On finding their lost sister, Sonia was moved to tears.

After their visit, the caryatids leave the museum.

I thought the BBC might have written a word or two about it in their UK (not Europe) news. But no, there seems to be nothing. Instead, their UK news site today is topped with stories about a drop in UK unemployment levels, the shambolic state of the UK passport office, the continued search for a child lost a number of years ago, minimum wage underpayers, a princess's portrait, an author's philanthropy, an artist's perversion, among other stories. Sonia Theodoridou, who organised the event, cried when she came across the lost sister. The Greek woman's genuine grief did not move anyone in the mass media to write about what happened in the British museum last Saturday. 

Please share, if you care. If this does not move you enough, perhaps you have not been to the Acropolis museum, where the caryatids await their lost sister to join them. The question is no longer 'if', but 'when'.

Don't let the likes of the BBC create your news. Try creating the news yourself.

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