Saturday, 2 August 2014


Despite the introduction of hefty property taxes in Greece, there are still many houses in my town that lie vacant and derelict.

These houses look as though they once enjoyed a splendid past, probably as family homes of rich people. They are large houses, located in the centre of town, very close to the main shopping streets.

The houses I've photographed in this post lie north of the area where the Zara fashion stores complex is located in Hania.

My husband who has lived here all his life says that many of the buildings we passed on our recent walk have been like this since he can remember. They''ve not changed much over time.

But I really do wonder what will happen now that property taxes have been introduced. Will they eventually be sold or claimed by the state? Or will they continue to fascinate passersby, as we imagine what may lie behind those doors that have not opened in years?

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