Sunday, 14 September 2014


I've been away from blogging for a bit, due to our London holiday. We always prefer cooler weather for vacationing due to our own climate which is generally too hot. From our first day there, we felt very lucky with the weather, which was generally fine and sunny, not too hot, and no rain or even wind, perfect for enjoying the outdoor London life.

I'd like very much to blog about what I saw and what we ate, but we came back to our busy life, and have only just managed to catch up with our home life this weekend. So I'll leave my travel stories for later, when I have gathered and organised my thoughts a little. In the meantime, you can enjoy my photos here.

If I were to pick the one photo that summarised our trip for me, it would be this one. It may look very insignificant to most people, but put yourselves in my shoes (ie my red sandals): the last time I walked on grass and could feel it on my legs was when I was last in NZ (over a decade ago). All my subsequent visits to London have taken place in cold weather so my legs were always shoed-and-socked. This is the first time I have visited in September. The feeling of cool grass blades cooling my toes took me right back to my childhood. In Hania, you cannot find grass long or thick enough to do this. If you sit on it, you'll get a brown bum.

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