Saturday, 31 January 2015

This is it

Greeks have had a taste for a week now of our new government headed by the SYRIZA party. It seems pretty obvious that our Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his comrades have a plan for Grecovery which they reveal by dripping it onto us drop by drop, but it's basically part of their election promise: they want to press the re-start button. They want a debt write-off and repayments in teeny weeny amounts and/or in due time as they see fit; they refuse to talk to the monsters who keep lending us money, they want to talk to European leaders instead; they are betting on 'the other side' agreeing to this in order to save the euro which the other side created. The bottom line is that they (the Greek government) are hoping that we won't be asked to leave the euro and/or the EU. They (the Greek government) aren't going back on any of this. There are no ifs and buts in their argument.

Greece's so-called creditors (the infamous troika, who I think have rightfully been labelled kleptocrats) are really naive to believe that even when there is a change of government, things will carry on just like they did before - Greeks wouldn't have asked for a change of government in that case. So they have to accept that some things will change and they (the troika) will also have to re-route. If they (the troika) don't desperately need to get their money back from us, I suppose they will just be happy to forgive our debt and ask us to leave - this will have to happen so they can save face: Greece must be seen to be punished in some way for her 'errant' behaviour. Otherwise, the troika will have to bend to our wishes and re-route. If they don't, it's probably over for everyone - euro, eurozone and EU. The euro crisis has made politics so much more transparent. Paul Krugman's latest NYTimes article on Greece says roughly the same thing: the game is definitely over, and so is the experiment. 

I have a feeling that it's not Greece who is under pressure here, but the 'other side'. We don;t have money, and we don;t want to accept phoney do-gooders' money any more. So it's not a bad plan that the Greek government have after all, and it just may work. It reminds me of what my mother used to say about people who created personal disasters for themselves: 

"Aυτοί που τα φτιάξανε θα τα χαλάσουνε από μόνοι τους."
(Those who created it will break it up by themselves)

With all eyes on Greece at the moment, there is no need to read Greek news anymore. Our news is being reported the world over, and in all languages. And what's more: the conspiracy theories about the destruction of Greece have stopped - now we all now, we are in this together. Amen.

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