Thursday, 5 February 2015

Breakfast (Πρωινό)

My kids keep telling me that they are the only ones in their class groups to eat breakfast every morning before school. According to my compatriots, this kind of breakfast tradition is just another Anglo-Saxon element of my upbringing.  

Maybe I wasn't made for this country, or this country wasn't made for me. It is also possible that this country has not caught up with me yet. 

The way I see things, if the previous generation had no breakfast before going to school, and the present generation buys a breakfast of chocolate-filled (XL) croissants and just-shake chocolate milk at the mini-market located two doors away from the school, then in all likelihood, the Anglo-Saxon breakfast will forever be regarded as a quirky hotel perk that someone other than the eater is paying for. 

(Just my two-cents worth.)

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