Monday, 11 May 2015

Lovely view

Last Sunday saw me driving to Rethimno where I took a walk through the old town, before picking up my daughter from her basketball meet. There were a lot of tourists walking in the same places where I went. Here are some of my photos.

The tourist: Beautiful view! 
Me: Where's that sewer smell coming from? 

The tourist: A lovely quiet taverna overlooking the sea!
Me: How legal is the location of that restaurant?

The tourist: Graffiti! Ugh!
Me: Hm. I do indeed smell a rat. 

The tourist: This is so romantic!
Me: This is bound to be over-priced.

The tourist: So close to the water's edge! 
Me: Too close to the water's edge.

The tourist: Looks so fresh!
Me: How long has it been sitting there?

The tourist: The perfect spot!
Me: Paying for the view.

The tourist: Souvenirs!
Me: Kitsch.

The tourist: Nice vintage stuff!
Me: No price tags, ie I probably can't afford it.

The tourist: That sounds cheap!
Me: The dolmadakia are probably canned.

The tourist: Coffee in the shade...
Me: ... right next to the roar of the roadside.

The tourist: Oh... can't they replace it?
Me: The most perfectly designed flag ever. It will never need replacing.   

Greece can be lovely to look at, but these days, it is very challenging living here.

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