Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Greek Collection: Marching on

Last year, I promised to make a beach bag for a friend. Making bags for me is an easy task. But for various reasons (mainly health and work stress related), I just couldn't bring myself to finish my friend's bag. I would look at the half finished parts on my work space and feel even more stressed. So I just put them in a bag and placed it somewhere I couldn't see it. I tried to forget that I even wanted to start something like The Greek Collection

Eventually, as spring sprung on my island, I decided to embark on some new quilting projects. But I never let myself fall int he trap of leaving unfinished projects behind before I start new ones. That provided the impetus for finishing my friend's bag. I got it out of its hiding place, and I couldn't believe it myself when I finished the bag in just one day, allowing one more day for adding final touches. I sent the bag to my friend a while ago, and this morning, she sent me some photos. I think I've made a fashion statement, even if I say so myself!

Today is a big day for Greece. Whatever happens today, the outcome for the Greek people will be the same. We will soldier on, no matter what. We simply refuse to fall. We will never cave in to fear. Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, detested by many in Europe because he is seen as stirring the waters of the status quo, said a lot of things in his speech last night in Parliament, but the bit that you probably WON'T get translated in the non-Greek European press is this one:
"We negotiated very harshly for Greece, but also for Europe to change paths. Today, this may not look so feasible, based on calculations. We need to admit this. But I am certain that sooner or later this seed of democracy and dignity that we let fall will also bear fruit to other Europeans." 
That's the one that we will all remember, wherever we find ourselves next week. 

Bonus photo: My daughter had a friend to stay over last night, and they insisted on using these pillows to sleep with while they were dreaming of princes and castles. They are more of my creations from The Greek Collection

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