Friday, 1 January 2016

Ever the optimist

Last year was bad, I hear them say,
But full of optimisim,
I say they turned it out that way
With their desires and whims.

It's not about the things you want
And those that you can't have,
Remember all that you can have
And learn to live with that.

Content'dness is quite challenging
When you feel impoverished,
But if you're reading my updates,
Most likely you're quite rich.

Should it get better nonetheless?
That may lie in your choices.
It's not your government to blame
For your unrealistic wishes.

So here's to 2016,
A new year full of hope.
Try being more sustainable,
Not bloated, fat with growth.

There are two things I wish for you
As the new year checks in:
May you be poor in pain and loss
And rich in happy things.*

Καλή Χρονιά! - Happy New Year!

*This verse is a translation of the mantinada in the image.

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